What once seemed such a simple, every day habit has become increasingly difficult for many families. Conflicting schedules, clubs, jobs and tons of other commitments have resulted in the craziest dinner solutions, such as eating in the back of the car from a cute little container instead of sitting around a table, phones have taken over our dinner conversations and often we simply give up on the once so common 6 o clock family dinner.

Over the past 15 years research has shown something very important: Family Dinners have a great impact on how our children grow up. Recent studies have linked regular family meals with children that do better in life, they have less chance to get into bad habits. Family Meals are linked to lower rates of substance abuse, eating disorders, teenage pregnancies and depression.

Meaningful Meals mission is to get people back around the dining table. Supported by The Dinner Project in Boston, who have helped tremendously by sharing their knowledge with us, we hope to help families, communities, neighbours and friends to find their way back around the table, to have people share meals and learn from each other’s experience. We’re offering dinner programs, workshops, helpful tips and tools, resources and much more.